On Day 1 as mayor, Sethy will begin his plans to help our city.


For a Better Future

Our children are the future of San Ramon, and they deserve better than the overcrowded schools we have provided for them. The city’s new project plan outlines the construction of 6,000+ new homes, but it contains no mention of a new high school. Sethy will lead the fight to fund a new high school in San Ramon. Our already crowded schools cannot safely or efficiently accommodate our current enrollment levels, much less hundreds of future students. When Sethy is elected, he will work with SRVUSD and local leaders to reduce class sizes in schools and decrease the student to teacher ratio.


The Stakes are High

As a father of 2 children and 13-year resident of San Ramon, Sethy knows the importance of San Ramon’s green spaces, hills, and parks. San Ramon’s new project plan outlines the development of thousands of acres of green space with more houses. Instead, Sethy wants to protect these areas, to improve existing parks, and to develop these areas into more community parks. Sethy will fight to ensure there is proper balance between city development and nature preservation.



Did you know that San Ramon has plans to construct thousands of new homes in the next several years?

Sethy is raising two children in San Ramon, and he knows the value of San Ramon’s nature which is being destroyed in the wake of this irresponsible development. The San Ramon new project plans outline the construction of 6,000+ new homes, but they do not contain any mention of new schools for future families. When elected mayor, Sethy will prioritize the construction of a new high school before major residential development continues in San Ramon. San Ramon schools are already overcrowded by national standards and cannot safely or efficiently accommodate the students from future families. Sethy will always protect children and their families first.


Leading Through a Crisis

Are San Ramon’s current city officers prepared to guide the city through the second worst pandemic in U.S. history? Under San Ramon’s current leadership, our classrooms are overcrowded by national standards. Given that social distancing is simply impossible in the current classroom conditions, crowded classrooms have gone from an inconvenience to a hazard. Sethy will safely guide San Ramon schools, businesses, and community through this outbreak and ensure that our city is better prepared for future emergencies. Sethy’s commitment to community involvement and developing solutions will ensure the safety and success of all San Ramon residents. Your vote can save lives.


Everyone Hates Traffic

Unlike current city officers who simply put bandaids on San Ramon’s traffic congestion issues, Sethy will work with developers to find solutions to the traffic problems. Traffic congestion has decreased in the wake of COVID-19, but conditions will not remain this way forever. The developers played a large role in the worsening of traffic congestion, and Sethy believes that they should be held accountable.


New Leadership for San Ramon

Currently, the mayor of San Ramon has a 2-year term. This short term hinders the impact that any mayor can have on the community. Sethy supports changing the term duration for the mayoral position to 4-year terms (with a maximum of 8 years) which would finally allow progress to be made in our city. Sethy will foster development in San Ramon by introducing 8-year term limits for City Council members. Currently, San Ramon planning commissioners are hired by the city council, but Sethy will give residents a voice by introducing elections for planning commissioner positions. Sethy will fight against complacent leaders that hold back our residents and our community.


Key Policy

Current city officers have left residents compromised with a poorly balanced city budget and unimpressive reserves. Universally, communities are suffering financial hardships due to COVID-19. When elected mayor, Sethy will work to increase San Ramon’s rainy-day funds so our city is better prepared for any future emergencies. Sethy’s financial plan for San Ramon outlines strategic budgeting and rids the city of overspending on unimportant issues such as excessively high salaries for civil servants.


It's Common Sense

The City of San Ramon charges residents' unnecessary fees by double charging them for using facilities. Sethy will better San Ramon by decreasing burdensome fees for using parks for children’s sports leagues renting public facilities, and appealing processes. When Sethy is elected, San Ramon residents will pay less and get more.